Regular practice of the Pilates Method brings about lasting well-being.


Concerned, professional instructors can provide assistance for your unique physical condition.


Preparing for a marathon or just staying in shape for a physically demanding occupation requires ongoing conditioning guided by a professional.


PilatesHouston is proud to have built the largest Pilates studio in Texas. We have brought top quality Pilates instruction to over 2000 clients since 2004, and we offer 3 studios that are fully equipped with 12 reformers, 5 cadillacs, 3 ladder barrels, 3 chairs, arc barrels, spine correctors, theraballs and other small apparatuses.

PilatesHouston believes strongly that personalized training is necessary to get the most out of the Pilates Method. We offer private sessions and semi-private sessions, which are limited to 2 clients maximum.

Training, certification, and experience are the most important factors to consider when selecting an instructor or studio for Pilates training. The origin of the certification is key. Instructors who have been trained by Joseph Pilates’ original protégés will have a better understanding and a more sophisticated approach to the method than those with recent “weekend” certifications. A legitimate Pilates Certification requires hundreds of hours of education and training and very few meet our high standards.

James Harren, the founder and owner of PilatesHouston is a second generation Pilates instructor who was certified under Romana Kryzanowska. He has managed, and continues to consult with, the original Pilates studio of the Houston Ballet Academy, where their primary focus was helping injured dancers maintain their fitness and performance levels. In fact, all  trainers at PilatesHouston have trained under different Master Teachers, and have multiple Pilates certifications. We feel that the variety in staff training origination adds to the client’s training experience by providing a fresh view of the work from each trainer while still maintaining the integrity of the Method.

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Experience the Pilates Method with the guidance of a professional and experienced instructor.

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